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At St Mary’s we have a clear vision for Science and we understand the importance and value of Science in our school. Our School vision and principles have been developed by staff and children and really focus in on what makes our Science Teaching and Learning great.

Miss Hart and Mrs Copley went to the science Award Ceremony to collect our Primary Science Quality Award.

Calling all Scientists!


When online go onto you tube and search ‘children experimental the royal institution’

All these experiments are suggested by The Royal Institution and range from rubber band cannons, fizzy bottle rockets through to musical coat hangers and homemade parachutes. These videos are specifically aimed for families to engage their children in Science at home, They show you things you need and give some great scientific explanations. There are over 30 different experiments. Something for everyone.

I would look forward to hearing from your child if they engage in any of these experiments if they get the chance!


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