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Our School Values

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Six key Christian values have been chosen by our school as being particularly
relevant to St Mary’s and every member of our community.

Our values are:

Respect – recognising that we are all individual; celebrating our differences and
accepting that we will not always agree with each other but showing respect
towards each other none the less.

Friendship – being a welcoming, caring and inclusive community in which we
can all feel valued and grow in confidence.

Trust – speaking honestly; listening carefully and openly; promoting strong
relationships of trust and loyalty.

Perseverance – working hard with determination and resilience, even when faced
with difficult challenges; reflecting on our shortcomings and disappointments

Wisdom – developing a lifelong love of learning; providing an inspiring and
creative curriculum both within and beyond lesson; understanding that true
wisdom is far more than knowledge of facts alone.

Hope – preparing for an unknown future with optimism and energy; always
seeking to improve

Throughout the school day, we think about these values and try to live by

School Values Ambassadors

Each class has a representative for the Values Ambassadors. The Values Ambassadors share the focus value each half term with their class and help the class teacher to select a 'Super Learner' who has been showing that value in their learning. Their other responsibilities include contributing to the values displays across the school and carrying out interviews with staff and pupils relating to our Equality and Diversity Circle Times.  

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