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Most children will receive regular homework in line with the Homework Policy which was
written following consultation with parents and carers. A copy is available on the school
website. Homework varies according to the age and ability of each child but is likely to include
bringing reading books home to read, learning spellings and learning times tables. At other
times specific pieces of work will be set. The children will be told clearly when those pieces of
work need to be returned to school. All children will have a home school diary in which their
homework is recorded. The children must look after their diaries, but if lost, replacements can
be purchased from the Reception.

Homework is an essential part of the planned programme of work for the children. We hope all
parents and carers will support the school and help their children by encouraging them in their
homework and helping as and when necessary. In cases where homework is not completed, children
may be asked to do the relevant work at playtimes. In Y6 homework is also seen as a preparation for secondary education.

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