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First Aid

The school has a Designated First Aider and a number of trained Paediatric first Aiders; other school staff hold general first aid certificates which are updated in line with recommendations. A trained first aider is available every playtime in the medical room to provide first aid for children. When further attention is needed, parents, carers or their named ‘emergency contacts’ will be informed. The school will arrange for an ambulance should one be required. Parents or carers collecting children from school following such calls should report to Reception.

Medication in School

Apart from in specific cases, such as asthma and diabetes, no medication will be given to children or will be self-administered by the children. If a child requires any kind of medication during normal school times then arrangements should be made for the medication to be brought to school and administered by a parent or parent’s representative as far as possible. The school will make every effort to assist in such arrangements, but school staff should not be asked to administer medication themselves. If staff do agree to administer medicines, a form will need to be completed and signed first. Two members of staff will oversee the administration of any medication. 


Cough sweets, such as ‘Tunes’ and ’Lockets’ and Lip balm should not be brought to school unless absolutely essential. If a parent or carer feels they are necessary then the procedure above should be followed. The school has a ‘Medical Conditions at School’ policy, which may be viewed on the school website or a copy requested from Reception.


Bumped Heads

We have changed our system for informing parents about minor bumps to the head because letters were being sent home in book bags and not always being seen by the parent. In order to improve this we have made the following changes.


  • A text message will be sent to you if your child has had a minor bump to the head. This is not meant to alarm you but to inform you so that when your child comes home from school you can keep an eye on them.

  • Teachers will continue to be informed by First Aid enabling them to keep an eye on the child throughout the day.


For any major bumps to the head, you will be telephoned directly as soon as possible after the incident.


If you do receive a text message about a bump on the head please look out for the following signs or symptoms at home:


  • An increased headache

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Dizziness

  • Blurred vision

  • Unusual drowsiness


If you are concerned that your child is displaying these symptoms, you should contact your doctor or visit your local accident and emergency department.


If you have any queries should you receive a text, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


It is possible that there may have been no sign of any adverse effect while the child was at school, but please do look out for the symptoms above at home.


Emergency medication
Emergency medication is readily available to pupils who require it at all times during the school day or at off-site activities. Inhalers are kept in year group drawers in the medical room. Other emergency medication also kept in the medical room is kept in a box with a photograph of the child on it and a copy of the Healthcare Plan.


It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that emergency medication is in date and is renewed.

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