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Websites and Apps Used in School

As part of the schools learning and resource tools we use online websites or apps to support our function as a school.  You as a parent have a right to know how we use your child’s information to support their learning.  The majority of personal data collected and processed on our behalf is done so in the public interest in our role as a school, however for the purposes of transparency we are outlining below what information is collected.


To track progress or to get access to these resources, some websites/apps require an account to be set up – which in turn needs some basic details about the pupil.


As a school we use the following websites or apps; the table also shows what amount of information that will be collected about your child and a link to the privacy policy of each of these resources.  This list is subject to change with the curriculum. 


If you have any questions in this regard or wish to withdraw your consent please contact the school office.

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