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SEN, Disabilities and Inclusion

In aiming to prepare every child for their place in society, the school recognises that all children are individuals with their own particular needs. St Mary’s is an inclusive school working to meet the needs of every pupil. The school has achieved the Inclusion Award at Gold Level (the highest possible level) in recognition of our commitment to inclusive practice.Through the school’s Special Educational Needs (SEND) policy and procedures, in line with theNational Code of Practice and in partnership with parents, the school seeks to identify areas where extra support is needed and to provide appropriate resources to meet those needs. These resources may include different teaching materials, additional adult support and varied teaching methods. The school is very well resourced to meet these needs and has a lot of expertise within the staff. Mrs Robinson is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator and holds the National Accreditation for this role.The school aims to help each child participate in the full National Curriculum whenever possible.However if it is necessary a modified curriculum is provided with realistic and relevant objectives. Additional expertise is provided from services such as Educational Psychology, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.The school has physical access modifications for pupils with disabilities including a PhysicalManagement Area containing a shower. The school also has a number of rooms for small groupwork, one of which is mainly used by groups of pupils with special educational needs. Additionally it has a quiet meeting room. Access to the curriculum for pupils with disabilities follows the school’s general SEN arrangements to ensure that such pupils are not treated less favourably than others. Parents of pupils with disabilities are advised to contact the school prior to admission in order to discuss the child’s particular needs. The school will follow the local authority’s admission procedures.The governor designated to have oversight of SEND is Mrs Jean Kapur. The school’s SEND policy and Equality Scheme are both available to read on request, as is a parent information booklet, published by the local authority.

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